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coconut with coconut oil

Monday, July 26, 2021

It seems to be popping up everywhere you look, in the supermarket, in commercials and in restaurants, but is coconut oil actually the healthier alternative to conventional oils that it is made out to be? Surely a product as omnipresent as coconut oil isn’t appearing everywhere simply as a result of marketing. Like most things, the truth in this case lies somewhere in the middle.

Coconut oil has some interesting interactions with our cholesterol that are worth discussing. First, it can increase levels of LDL cholesterol in our body, the bad kind that is responsible for increasing a person’s risk of heart disease. However, coconut oil has been shown to HDL, the good cholesterol that can help carry the bad cholesterol out of the bloodstream.

Ultimately, coconut oil is no better or worse than conventional cooking oils. There is nothing wrong with utilizing coconut oil in your meals in moderation, but the marketing claims you may have seen could be a little misleading.

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